7 Reasons to give Christmas Gifts to Your Staff; But is it worth it to your Company or Business?

Staff Gifts for your Team at Christmas
Staff Gifts for Christmas, Gifts for the family

Individual Staff Gift Hampers for Christmas

Many companies and business’ question the value of giving gifts to their staff, but here in Part 1, I will discuss some of the pros of such an action for your company, then in Part 2, I will talk about the cons of such action.  You may have been giving gifts to your company for years, but does the staff think much of your choice of gift, and do you think that they really appreciate it? 

What value is your staff to your business?
Could your company or business survive without your staff?  How much of a real asset are they to your company?  Think about how many dollars you have put in to find the right person for the position.  Then figure out how much money has been spent training them for the position and growing their mindset to your company and its position in the business or corporate world.  Let’s face it, unless you’re the boss then there will always be something to complain about, however little things like Christmas gifts, birthday presents and sympathy or get well gifts can and do go a long way to building loyalty from your staff.

Is the word “Thank You” enough for your employees or staff?  How else do you show your appreciation for the work that they do for you? 
It has been said that ahead of payment, appreciation and recognition for a job well done is far more important to many employees and staff in their place of work.  Taking time regularly and often to say and show a “thank you” is so important to helping build a strong business.  Your business is often only as good as the support that your employees give you.

Do your staff go above and beyond the call of duty for your business or company?
When the pressure is on and the dollars are pressing, will your staff put in the extra effort to work harder to support and keep your company alive?  Staff know that when their jobs are on the line, they have to work harder in all areas including sometimes going above and beyond the bare minimum of work expectation.  When times are tough, this is a real reason not to forget them, but to encourage them with a Christmas gift and they will reward you and your business many times more, than if you forget them.

Do your staff help to grow $$ for your business or are they a drain on the company?
Some staff positions like administration, cleaners, maintenance, I.T. and even HR people can appear to be a drain on a company because they don’t make sales or do the real company “work”, but never forget these people.  Your business will function 100% better by thanking these people for their commitment to the company than by excluding them.  They are a vital component of your company and actually do make a large difference to the smooth running of a business.  Have you even seen a large corporate company do business without any of these essential positions?  No I don’t think so.

Would they crawl over hot coals to back your company if there was a dispute with a customer or client? 
If your staff knew that your company position was honest and that you had made a genuine mistake, then they would back your company to support your issue.  They would do their best to help resolve the issue and to move forward.  Many times this can be a very uncomfortable position to put your staff in. Basically they are in this position because they work for you and your company.  Don’t be afraid to reward and encourage this loyalty and understanding from them.

Would they be there to back the company if there was a major disaster in the area, or if the company Director or the boss and his family were hit with tragedy?
With a natural disaster hitting the work place and surrounding areas, this can bring out the very best or worst in your employees.  Many will rise up to help others and their place of work to survive and work through such things.  Helping other staff and their families is a natural part of this process.  A business or company that doesn’t appear to care about their staff in these situations will very soon find that its staff chooses to move on from that company.   

An unexpected death or accident either at the work place or within staff families can also test the strength of a company.  By recognizing and giving a sympathy or get well gift, can do a lot to help build confidence and encouragement in the staff.

Would they go above and beyond the call of duty to support and back the whole team for the sake of the company or business?
What are your thoughts on giving gifts to your staff?  Are all of these valid reasons why you should or would start to do this, or continue to do this, or have I missed the point altogether?  

Before I owned my current gift box business I worked in a company as their administration person and I really appreciated receiving a Christmas gift from their company at Christmas time.  It made me feel really valued.  I have always given the staff who work here in my business with me a gift at Christmas.  It does not matter the size of the gift, but it’s more the thought that you are thinking about them and thanking them?  Do you agree with me or completely disagree with these thoughts?  Do leave your comments in the box below to share with others.  Look out for Part 2 of this article where I will discuss the cons of giving corporate or business gifts to staff.

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