A Personal Gift Basket Service

Personal Christmas Delivery Service Christchurch

What would you give to have someone visit and deliver a gift basket or present to your loved one, who takes the time to chat with them? Would you be prepard to pay someone to take this time to show that they care, especially if you’re living overseas?

Letting Go Is Hard
I visited gorgous Ivy, who was in her 80’s, for a number of Christmas’, birthdays, Mother’s day and Easter with a gift basket of goodies from her son, who lives in Australia. Her face would light up as I came to the door and she loved to chat and share about what her family were up to. She had no other family living here in Christchurch or New Zealand. My daughter Jess and I just wanted to bundle her up and take her to our family gatherings. Sadly her son emailed me to say that Ivy had passed away and I have to say that I really miss not visiting her. She was such a bright and sprightly lady to visit.

A Way for a Mother to Stay in Touch with Her Son
I feel very privileged with the trust placed on us by an Australian Mum who uses our services to check up on her son, when she hasn’t heard from him for a while.  She solves this by sending me off to find meals and goodies to put together in her gift basket for him.  This has happened for his birthdays and Christmases.  Her son has grown used to my texts and phone calls, checking when he will be home so that he can receive his delivery. 

The UK Parents and Grandparents
Another one of our many special customer’s lives in the UK and she phones when her daughter needs cheering up, from the flu and for birthdays to deliver a birthday cake and sweeties to her Grand-daughters and son-in-law. It is so nice to visit on a regular occasion, because we don’t have a chance to forget them.

An Abu Dahbi Daughter Loves Treating Her Parent’s
The internet is an amazing way for families to connect on a regular basis, so even though they live on the other side of the world, this Abu Dahbi daughter loves to treat her parents for every occasion throughout the year.  Her parents who are in their 80’s and 90’s still live in their own home and have recently celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary. We’ve arranged some very special gifts over the years including a very special picnic in the Botanical Gardens, punting on the Avon river, travelling into town in a vintage car and home in a stretch limosine, to celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary. 

The list could go on and on with many stories for all the occasions of the year – Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s and Father’s days, but the message is still the same – we care about the gift baskets, gift boxes and hampers, birthday and Christmas presents that we create on your behalf to deliver to your family and friends, business colleagues, and business clients. 

For our personal caring gift service, check out our website or go to our facebook page and she the experience and service you have received with us. 









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