Hi and Welcome to Diane’s Blog at Apex Gift Boxes in Halswell, Christchurch, New Zealand.

My aim in starting this blog, is to help you find solutions to issues and concerns that you may have about ordering, choosing and sending your gifts from an online shop.  I want to dispel the myth, that I may not be human, and could just be an automated computerised ordering system.  By delivering to you our personal service with your gift (in Christchurch at least), we hope that you will want to return on many more occasions, and may even want to recommend us to family or friends> Getting this right in our business is really important to me and I want to ensure that the person or people receiving our gifts are thrilled with your choice for them. 

I want to bring you real life stories about the wonderful people who receive your gifts, their lives and challenges (with their permission of course), especially in our earthquake city of Christchurch, New Zealand….and so the list goes on…Join with me, and do feel free to share your comments, and to pass these on to other friends, family or business colleagues, ask any questions and I look forward to the challenge of sharing with you.

I have managed, owned, and directed, a personalized delivery service at Apex Gift Boxes for over 7 years.  This is my fulltime work/play and I’ve despatched, delivered and solved many gift issues for corporate clients, business customers and individuals both here in New Zealand and from around the globe, delivering gifts throughout New Zealand and I personally love what I do.  Our customers come from UK, Canada, USA, Japan, Australia, India, Chatham Islands, and many other countries to send their gifts around New Zealand for birthdays, Christmas, sympathy gifts, get well presents, earthquake gifts and so the list goes on….

With the nature of the work that I do, I come across many small to medium businesses who are wanting to expand their business, especially on the internet, but are unsure of where to go and what to do and sometimes, even who to trust to find out this sort of information.  Come with me as I share some of the gems that I’ve gleaned along the way and hopefully I can make your business more interesting, more fun and ultimately more profitable.  If you would like to contribute to our blog in any way, please contact diane@apexgiftboxes.co.nz in the first instance and I will come back to you to discuss what options we have.