Are you Shouting at your Customers?

Stop Shouting at your Customers
Who are you Shouting at in Business?

Stop Shouting and Start Listening

Are you Shouting at your Customers? 

Do your emails or phone calls irritate your potential customers, or your regular customers?  Have you asked them, or do you even know?
Every time you send out an email to your customers, speak to them on the phone or in person, do you try to sell them something either a product or get their time for selling or upgrading your services to them?  Do you hop onto Twitter and Facebook and do the same there? When people or businesses do this to you, does it annoy you? 

I am so over this method of having products or services rammed down my throat every time I go somewhere or speak to a sales person, that I just feel like screaming, “Get off my back and leave me alone?”  Why is it that we get these blatantly frustrating telemarketing calls, with someone who has obviously done no homework about me and my business, by trying to force me to look at their products or take on their services?  If I did this with my gift box business, then I would pretty soon end up with no customers.  So what’s the difference and why are they (the telemarketers and other companies or businesses) going wrong in their attempts to get my attention?  

9 Tips on How to Relate to and Find New Customers for Your Business

Have you taken the time to find out about the company that you want to do business with?  Here is a small checklist to help you gather information, so that you can sound intelligent, and ask questions the right way, so as to not get their backs up.

  • What do you know about them as a company or business? 
  • Have they got a website that you can go to and look at to see what sort of products and services they are involved in? 
  • If so, what sorts of products are they selling or what sort of services are they offering? 
  • Can you tell how many people are involved in their business? 
  • Have they already got the product or use the service that you are trying to sell to them?  If yes, do you know how you will approach this?
  • Who would be a good person to speak with in this company, who would have both information and the ability to say “yes” to a buying decision?
  • Before you go to make contact with them consider their type of business in relation to either upcoming holidays, and or work pressures.  It amazes me how many people call my business trying to get my attention, just prior to an important holiday/buying time such as Mother’s Day, or Easter, or even Christmas, when my focus has to be on my own customer service and on getting my gifts out the door and delivered.  Always check your calendar and be aware of what sorts of limitations could be in place prior to contacting their business.
  • Can you find out whether their business is involved in any Social Media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn?  Is this a way that you can align with them and build a relationship first, before hitting them with a cold call to try to sell to them?  I will discuss this further in another post. What other suggestions do you have for ways to find out about the people that you would like to do business with? 
  • Another suggestion can be finding blogs and forums in the areas that you’re looking at building customers in, so that you get to build relationships and maybe even answer questions to build your authority or expertise on the subject.

What sorts of things annoy you, when someone is trying to get your attention to either sell you a product or a service?  Have you experienced these or any other situations where someone is trying to yell at you “buy my services”, or “buy my products” and you found it really irritating?  I would love to hear and if you have any other comments and suggestions to add to the checklist, please feel free to share them with our readers.

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