Blue Earth Soaps – #1 Apex Gifts Product Review

Luxurious Pamper soaps from Blue Earth
Blue Earth Natural Pamper Soap

Smell the fragrance in these Natural Blue Earth Soaps

These divine soaps from Blue Earth Soaps are completely natural handcrafted soaps made from a blend of plant oils, healing herbs and pure essential oils.  Their purpose is to heal and nourish or feed the skin rather than depleting it of more nutrients and they have a gorgeous fragrance to them.  The Blue Earth range of soaps are fabulous from their Angels Love Cake made with Lavender, Almond, Patchouli, carrot oil and calendula flowers, to Warlocks block which has a spicy cinnamon fragrance and contains olive.

Some of their other soaps are Lavender, Roses, Orange and Ylang Ylang, Olive Avocado and Lime, Lemongrass, Hempseed and Calendula.  We have added a mix of these delightfully fragrant soaps to our gift range and you can find them in our Just Spoil Her Gift Box, Ladies Relaxing Pamper Basket, and in our For You Grandma Gift Hamper.

They have two really special blocks of soap, one is Baby’s Gentle Babble Boom Soap.  This lovely soap is perfect for baby as it contains lavender essential oil and calendula oil which is both calming and soothing for baby.  It is gentle on sensitive skin and is of course natural with no added parabens, artificial colours, artificial fragrances, PEGs, synthetic preservatives, or sodium laurel/laureth sulphate, thus making it is ideal for baby’s new soft skin.  These soaps are not tested on animals nor are there any animal ingredients in these soaps.  You can find these gorgeous baby soaps in our New Baby gift box range Hello Beautiful Gift Box, Welcome to Our World Baby Hamper, and our Baby Treats Gift Basket.

One other special Blue Earth Soap is their Gardeners Nut Soap.  The value of this soap to the keen gardener is excellent.  It contains ground walnut shells which helps remove the ingrained dirt in the skin, whilst at the same time it also contains walnut, hempseed and rosemary oils to soften and heal the skin.  You can find this soap in our Gardening Lady Gift Basket and also in our Country Touch Basket.

The Blue Earth company is based near the foothills of the Southern Alps in Canterbury, New Zealand and they have a wonderful philosophy of dedicating themselves to a safer and more environmentally friendly and compassionate world.  They are passionate about replanting native trees on converted farmland.  They aim to make the world healthier through the use of solar power to run their Blue Earth business and to create a more sustainable and healthy world.

We are pleased to be able to include these fabulous soaps in our gift range, and we personally endorse and use their soaps on a daily basis and find them fantastic on our skin, and wonderful to smell.

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