Do You Remember to Say “Thank You”?

How do you say
Thank you for my Gift

Do You Remember to Say Thank you?

Do you always remember to say “thank you” when someone has sent you a gift or has done something special for you?  Yesterday when I was delivering some of my corporate Christmas gifts to one of my clients, I asked him this question, “Do you always hear from everyone that you send your gifts to?”  I felt really saddened with the answer that he gave, when he said, “No, not all of them”.  Can you believe that in this day and age with texting, emails and cellphones, that someone could be so remiss not to show a level of gratitude for what they have received.  People are becoming so preoccupied with one thing and the other that they are forgetting their manners.  Regardless of whether you’ve received the same gift year after year, make it a habit to say “thank you” and acknowledge the gift that someone has paid for and has taken the trouble to send to you.

Stand out from the crowd and send a “thank you” card to show your appreciation for what you have received.  What do you do if you’ve slipped up saying “thank you”? I would say pick up the phone and man up that you’ve slipped up, even if it’s late, it’s much better than not at all?

Remember Christmas is not just about giving but its about receiving and being grateful, show your appreciation to the business or person who has sent a gift to you and say “Thank You”.  THANK YOU!!

How do you feel about giving and receiving gifts?  Do you always remember to say thank you?  Have you been caught out and had to apologise for lateness, but nevertheless made the call to say thanks?  How did this make you feel? Let’s pick up the game and remember our manners.

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  1. Kate
    5 years ago

    Hi Diane, I totally agree with your sentiments. If I send a gift and get no acknowledgement, it is the last present that person gets from me. I have sent wedding gifts and not even received a text message!

    My family always laugh when I ask for note cards or writing paper for gifts, but I love to drop a note into the post. It is always so good to get a hand written envelope and not another bill in the letter box.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family and thank you for all the wonderful baskets you have sent for us this year.

    Best wishes – Kate

    • Admin
      5 years ago

      Hi Kate, I couldn’t agree more with you. I love the idea of receiving a hand written note instead of bills, perhaps we need to include some nice note paper and envelopes into a couple of our gift baskets. Thank you for your kind words about our gifts, and Merry Christmas and a Happy 2013 Year for you too.

  2. Joyce Reid
    5 years ago

    Diane: This is a great reminder for all of us. It used to be that a phone call or handwritten note was the only way to say thank you unless you saw the giver in person. To me, these are still the preferred methods of saying Thank you. But with all the latest ways to communicate, there is absolutely no excuse not to say thanks.

    Great post. Keep them coming

    • Admin
      5 years ago

      Thanks Joyce, you are so correct in your thinking. We have become a very lazy society. We do need to lift our game and show our gratitude.