Don’t give your staff Christmas gifts this year, why?

No Gifts For Staff This Christmas
Don't Give Your Staff Gifts This Christmas, Why?

Why Not to Give Your Staff Gifts This Christmas

So you think that your staff won’t need Christmas gifts from Management? Why?  

In an earlier blog I raised Seven points about why your staff should receive Christmas gifts and now I will tell you why I think that there will be situations when it is not appropriate to give your staff Christmas gifts?

Your Company or Business already has in place a good bonus/production incentive scheme for their staff.   Your staff is already receiving a base salary and then on top of this, they receive production bonuses.  This could be a monetary bonus, a gift, or a prize such as a weekend away at a hotel or resort.  You may have this system in place throughout the year, and therefore feel that it is unnecessary to offer Christmas gifts to your staff.  These bonuses may far exceed what you would spend on Christmas gifts for these staff.  The only other point to keep in mind in this situation is that the support staff, the secretaries, PA, office assistants, cleaners will not receive this same bonus, and yet they are the necessary cogs behind the success of the other staff who receive the bonuses.

If one of your staff has had an issue with a customer and this has resulted in a negative outcome, such as something that has been taken to the public arena.  Then if that customer hears of that Christmas gifts are given to this staff person it could add to the feelings of irritation.  The customer may feel that the staff person has not performed professionally and it has affected their own business or company.  They may feel that they should be reprimanded and not given rewards for inadequate work.

If your Business has had tragedy or a major disaster right on the Christmas holiday period, then it may not feel appropriate to give staff Christmas gifts to celebrate.  If a staff person has had family killed or flooding through the business, or an earthquake, then it may not feel right to celebrate with Christmas gifts.  It might seem that as a mark of respect to postpone the Christmas celebration and perhaps give a sympathy gift, or to support the family with a gift hamper with fresh produce and pantry supplies.

If Christmas gifts are seen as a “work bribe” to expect more work from staff, then this seems a totally inappropriate way for management to coerce them into working better. This would seem like totally the wrong way to get a better performance from your staff.

You may know of other reasons why you would not want to give Christmas gifts to your staff, but I would suggest that you also check out the other side of giving gifts in my blog 7 Reasons to give Christmas Gifts to your Staff.  Do you agree or disagree with these comments or are there some other reasons that you think that we should add?  Please go ahead and leave your comments below.

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