How do you say “Thank You” to someone?

Saying Thank you is important
Send a Gift of Thanks

Saying Thank you to someone

Do you like to receive appreciation for something that you’ve done for someone else?  How does it make you feel when you don’t get any feedback for a job that you’ve done for someone else, or have gone out of your way to do something to help someone else, and they can’t or don’t or worse still forget to say “thanks”?  Do you vow and declare that that’s the last time that you’re going to help them with anything again?  

These two little words are incredibly powerful.  They make the difference between respect and a lack of it.  They earn good politicians a second seat in government. They make popular people even more popular.  They create respect right across the age spectrum, whether you’re young or old. 

So how do you say “thank you” to someone who has done something for you?  When someone holds a door open for you, make sure that you make eye contact and say “thank you so much, I really appreciate that”.  Say it like you mean it. 

In business, when someone passes on a referral customer to you, either pick up the telephone and say “thank you” in person or pop a card in the mail saying “thank you” for the referral customer.  These days receiving a personal note in the mail is getting very rare, so you will be noticed and most probably remembered by the person that you’re thanking. 

If this customer has the potential to become an even bigger customer for you, then perhaps it’s appropriate to send them a small “thank you” gift.  This could be a nicely wrapped box of chocolates and fudges or you may even prefer to send a small gift basket with a bottle of wine.  One word of caution though.  If you do not know the person well, leave out the alcohol, so as not to offend them.  There is nothing worse than sending a person alcohol that is against liqueur or for religious reasons does not drink alcohol.  Be sure to include a personal note to the person and be careful that the gift does not contain massive amounts of advertising for the company who has produced the gift on your behalf.  Otherwise they will remember them and not you!! 

Whatever you do, make sure that you acknowledge someone who has done something for your business or for you personally.  Giving a thank you gift will make you stand out with them, especially next time they want to do business or to send someone else to you for business. 

What ideas and suggestions do you have or have done for someone else to show your appreciation or to say “thank you”?  Share with us your feelings that you had, when someone acknowledged you with a thank you note or a gift. 

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