How to Arrange a Surprise 60th Birthday Party

Colins 60th Surprise Birthday


Surprise 60th Birthday Cake

Colin’s Surprise 60th Birthday Cake

My husband just turned 60 in the weekend, and my daughter and I decided to organize a Surprise 60th birthday party for him.  He had indicated that he didn’t want any fuss for his birthday, so we took that to mean that we could take the liberty of arranging something and he wouldn’t be too disappointed!!  I contacted our local restaurant The Old Vicarage in Halswell, Christchurch to book the venue for our event.  I did discover that they do not normally allow Sunday group bookings, as they are too busy to cater for this on a Sunday, however with a little persuasion I was able to change their minds.

I wanted to do a cake that would be memorable and so I contacted Clevercookies to prepare a chocolate mudcake and decorate this to look like a real trophy head of a wild pig.  This is my husband’s favourite pastime, hunting wild pigs with his pack of dogs.  Clevercookies came up with an absolutely stunning cake, that looked so real, we wondered whether we should eat it or not.  We did cut up the pigs head cake and it was truly delicious and moist cake which everyone enjoyed.

Our local helium balloon lady from Balloons4U provided three red 60th birthday helium balloons and three plain black ones to match, offering up our local Canterbury colours of red and black.  These looked stunning decorating the table.

So not too much fuss on the trimmings, but then we got a little carried away on the guest list and invited friends from as far away as Nelson (this was a 5 hour journey by car) and family from as far away as Waimate in South Canterbury (three hours travel by car).  All up we had a group booking of twenty seven people and this provided a wonderful surprise to my husband. The guests all hid behind a screen and we came into The Old Vicarage Restaurant through the front door, and all our guests had come in the back door, so their cars were also hidden from view.

My husband was blown away, when he came around the corner to find them all.  He was speechless for a time, but he was secretly very delighted.  My daughter and I had led him to believe that he was going to the restaurant to have lunch with just us two, and that our son, who is in away working Australia, definitely wasn’t coming for lunch.  So he really was surprised by all these familiar faces.

We had family members and an ex-boss give brief speeches about my husband and calling all our guests to charge their glasses and toast his 60 years. It was a wonderful achievement.  My husband did say to me that “This will keep”, so I’m guessing that I will have to be prepared to accept a surprise somewhere else along the way.

It is really so easy to arrange a great get together for family and friends for a surprise 60th birthday party without too much fuss and with great success and fun.  It is easy to meet at a local restaurant, such as The Old Vicarage in Halswell, Christchurch and to arrange a nice cake and some measure of table decorations.  This restaurant is a licensed restaurant, so this meant that everything was there for everyone and we didn’t even need to do dishes or clean up afterwards.

One challenge with a surprise party is not giving away the surprise, but cellphones are a great help in keeping up with the communication.  You could also get around this by giving a The Old Vicarage gift voucher and taking them to the restaurant and then having your guests surprise them.  Have you ever arranged a surprise party?  Have you arranged a surprise birthday party in a local restaurant and what excuses did you give to the person who the surprise party for?

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