What would you add into a gift basket for someone on a Weight Loss program?

Healthy Choice Weight Loss Hampers


Gifts for people on a Weight Reduction Program

We would love your help with your ideas and suggestions of what we could include into a Healthy Gift range?  What would you suggest for someone who is on a Weight Loss Plan? The person may also have a disease such as cancer or diabetes or have suffered a heart attack, and have to have a restricted type of diet?  We already have some ideas for our Gluten free customers, but maybe you have some thoughts to help us out.

We have put together one gift box that has some fruit, cheese, crackers, some protein biscuits and a flowering plant.  You can take a look at our Healthy Gift box here on our website.  We would love to hear from you with your suggestions or ideas.  Have you given a gift to someone who is on a weight loss plan, and what did you give them?  If you are on a weight reduction program, what sorts of things would you like to receive in a gift or present?  Does sugar-free chocolate taste any good or is it a poor imitation of real chocolate? Are there other food items or drinks that you feel would make a great gift for this type of person?

What would you suggest for someone who is on a Weight Watchers plan?  Should we stay away from food and only offer pamper products, such as shower gel, moisturizer, lip moisturizer, natural soaps and so forth?  Or should it have vouchers for pampering her or him with feet massages and nail manicures to help make her or him feel special?

Another thought may be to include her favourite magazine in her interest areas, or something that she may like to get more information about.

What about the men who are watching their weight?  What would you suggest for them?

Should we offer more appropriate fruit and perhaps even some vegetables to aid the weight loss?  Perhaps we could offer some of the Weight Watchers products in the gift.

I would love to hear your ideas and thoughts on this subject please?

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