Keeping Good Staff

How do you attract and keep good staff in your business or company?  How much does it cost the company to attract and find the right person to work in your company?  What is the cost of startup training and ongoing training to your company and what simple things could be put in place to keep good staff encouraged and performing for your team?  What puts some companies way ahead of the playing field?

The Cost to Employ Staff From Overseas
Now more than ever before getting and keeping good staff in a variable economy is getting very difficult for some companies.  Here in Christchurch with the rebuild of our city after the devasting 2010/2011 earthquakes finding and keeping the the right skilled staff is proving a huge challenge, so much so that they are bringing in skilled workers from overseas including Ireland to help out with the rebuild.  This must be a huge expense to any company relocating families, finding new homes for them, retraining them and keeping them happy.

Look After Your Staff’s Personal Wellbeing
We are finding that the companies that look after the small personal things for their staff seem to be able to employ and more importantly keep good staff.  Looking out for their staff’s personal wellbeing seems to be hitting the mark for a number of companies who provide a birthday gift to each staff person on the day of their birthday, new baby gifts if they or their spouse or partner have had a baby, a get well gift or a fresh fruit gift if they are unwell or in hospital or have had an operation, a sympathy gift if a family member passes away and a supply of fresh fruit to their business on a weekly basis to keep their staff healthy.  Also setting up a twice yearly employee production or employee recongition programme with a gift hamper and a trophy can work wonders for your team.  A corporate gift for staff doesn’t have to break the budget, but it definitely does help to lift the spirits of the person receiving it making them feel a more valued team member.

This is excluding the holiday/festive occasions such as Christmas, Easter and Valentines day.  These are also great times to bolster your staff with a thank you treat, making them feel valued and appreciated.  These types of giving work wonders to bolster the team spirit and keep production and efforts increasing.

Showing How Your Company Cares For Its Staff
These type of promotions, recognition, and personal gifts have a two-pronged effect.  Your employees will talk with their spouses or partners, friends and other people outside of their work situation and this will enhance your company or business as being a caring and encouraging company to work for.  So much so that when a vacancy occurs your company’s reputation will help to very quickly fill this vacancy and grow your company.

Contracting A Professional Gift Company
Planning for these types of corporate gifts takes staff time and rather than waste another of your company’s valuable staff person’s time, why not employ a gift company who already have the resources of goods, the materials to wrap and present the gift attractively and the time to deliver to the person.  The results will speak for themselves – happy staff who feel appreciated in their time of need or celebration and who contribute more to your work environment.

Would you agree or disagree with these comments, and what else should we be doing to help businesses support their staff and make their working environment better for all?

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