Mother’s Day Without A Mum

Mum on Mothers Day

My Mum on Mothers Day

Spare a thought this Mother’s Day and every Mother’s day, for those of us whose Mum’s or Mother’s have passed away, or for those of you, who have never grown up knowing a Mother’s Love.

How do we cope on Mother’s Day when our thoughts naturally drift to our own Mother and her presence in our lives?  What did we do to make her feel special on Mother’s day?

I remember us trying to do breakfast in bed, and all of us trying to take the credit and receive her thanks, (there were four of us seeking attention).  Mother’s day for us, wasn’t so much about buying presents and gifts, although maybe so in the later years, but when we were younger it was more about the little things that would make her feel special on the day.  We would make sure that she didn’t have to hang out or bring in the washing, do any ironing or fill the wood box for the fire.  We would feed the hens and collect the eggs. Our Mum had had her own mother die, when she was just 13 years of age, and so she grew up with a step-mother.

Our Mum loved her garden, and especially flowers, although she always had a big vegetable garden.  She loved the special flowers with plenty of sweet fragrance, such as sweet peas, roses, freesias, hyacinths, lily of the valley and daffodils.  Her garden always contained plenty of flowers to pick and put into a vase, which we especially enjoyed to do for her on Mother’s Day.  These were special gifts, which since she has been gone, for ten years now, we have to do alone.

Remembering my Mother on the important dates in the calendar year, such as Mother’s Day, her birthday, her wedding anniversary, Christmas and the anniversary of her death, I cannot help but get a little sad and teary eyed as I think back to all the beautiful things that she was involved in, and taught us to appreciate as children.  However I also know that a big part of my being will keep living on, from how she encouraged me to love plants, flowers, nature, music and art, along with her special love of people and of giving to others before herself in life.

Even today when I look at certain flowers, or stop to smell the roses, I think of my Mum and I know that she is still watching over me and loving me from afar.  May the joys of Mother’s day gifts and presents, no matter how small in monetary value, be worth giving to your Mum for the rest of your life.  No-one can ever replace a Mother’s love of her child.  She is your most treasured gift in the world.

So how do you spend your Mother’s day thinking about your mother?  Do you visit her graveside and take some lovely fresh flowers, or look at family photos and remember the good times you all had together? Or do you spend your day being a wonderful Mum to your own children?  As a Mother, how would you like to be remembered when you are gone?

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