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Healthy Fresh Fruit Snacks for Students in Christchurch

IMG_5816BlogDo you have a son or daughter who has gone away to University or Polytech study and is struggling to find a gift company that will offer plain food and a personal same day delivery service?  

Seeing your son or daughter and go away to study and to live in another city or town can be a very exciting but daunting experience for both parents and students.  There are many mixed emotions with such a move.  On the one hand as a parent you want to see them mature and move out onto their own in the big wide world, and develop their own identity, friends and life, but you also want to protect and support them still, as only a parent knows how. 

Finding extra supports and care in another city and developing trust in someone else to support your child takes some time to grow.  Often it is the little things such as Mum’s home baking and cooking that are missed the most when they move away from home.  It can be very reassuring to your son or daughter and help with this huge transition to adulthood to know that Mum and Dad have not forgotten them. 

Birthday’s can be a lonely time for both student and parents who are missing one another, and who have always done something special for a birthday.  Finding a gift company that can arrange, collect and most importantly personally deliver on the day is most important in making this separation away from home less awful for both parties. 

Last week I’ve just heard from a mother in Auckland, who has said to me that she had been searching online for over two years when her son first went off to Lincoln University in Canterbury, to find someone who would arrange and deliver a birthday cake to him.  She just wanted a plain cake, but most importantly she wanted to know that her son was going to receive this on the day, so that it was still fresh and not tampered with. It was very reassuring to her to find that we can offer this personal service for her.  It’s for her son’s 21st birthday and he’s busy with sport all day Saturday, so the birthday cake delivery would need to be on the Sunday.  He’s living in a Student Apartment, so that should make delivery easy to him.

Arranging and sending a birthday cake to a student apartment, student halls or other student accommodation here in Christchurch, New Zealand has become hassle free with this new service from Apex Gift Boxes, Student Gifts.

_MG_1109HealthyStudentSnackBlogFollowing closely on the previous phone call, I’ve heard from a Mum whose daughter is studying at Canterbury University and she is working really hard and putting in many long hours of study throughout the night to get ready for her exams.  Her Mum wanted to send her a snack package of healthy fresh fruit, with some nuts and a few nibbles to keep her sustenance up will she studies hard and she’s living in the Student Halls. 

Clearly receiving healthy foods to snack on for students whilst they are studying hard to get ready for exams is important.  There is a real need for fresh fruit with nuts and other snack products that don’t contain massive amounts of artificial sugars.  At Apex Gift Boxes we have gone for the healthy balance to this. 

If you or someone you know, has a family member away studying at Uni, and they’re looking for same day service in Christchurch or Canterbury to the Universities for a care package, if someone is unwell or for a birthday cake, or birthday present or a Healthy Student Snack pack, then please forward this email on to them.   Read more about our that we provide to other family and their friends at Apex Gift Boxes and read our client Testimonials from our many satisfied customers.


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