Winter Warmers – Kate Watts Fingerless Gloves – #2 Apex Gifts Product Review

Fingerless gloves by Kate Watts the perfect winter warming gift
New Zealand-made Merino Gloves

Kate Watts New Zealand-made Fingerless Gloves

Our Fingerless Glove Collection – Great Winter Warmers
The cold weather is perfect in the winter to ensure that your hands are warm, but that you can still use your fingers easily.  These beautiful fine woolen merino fingerless gloves with their gorgeous unique designs will do a perfect job of ensuring that the receiver of these does not suffer from cold hands during the cooler months of the year.

They are versatile, so that you can still type on a computer, unlock the front door or hold your car keys easily without fumbling.  However they are lightweight, so they tuck very nicely into your handbag, pocket or into the glove compartment of your car.  They are extremely classy and upmarket, so that what ever you wear you can add them with confidence knowing that they are enhancing what you wear, rather than making you stand out like Father Christmas on a cold day.

Kate’s very clever choice of designs and colours mean that they are suitable for most people.  She even has a large, plain black size that is most suitable for a larger hand or for men to wear.  They are great for the person who suffers from arthritis, so they can keep their hands and knuckles warm.  They make an excellent winter warmer gift for an elderly person who may be confined to a wheelchair or chair to keep them cosy.  Take a look here at our range available.

We’ve teamed up our fingerless gloves gifting with a small bottle of wine and some chocolates and this is proving a popular choice for a gift for birthdays and as a girlfriend gift or my sister gift. Go here to view our Warm Her Up Gift.

Kate Watts – The Designer
Kate is an established New Zealand designer with a degree in Design from the Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology (CPIT). Kate started out in her business in Christchurch, but she has now moved her business to Oamaru in South Canterbury. She finds the inspiration for her designs from the vintage era.  She is very passionate about quality, service and craftsmanship and her gloves are hand-printed and sewn in the South Island of New Zealand.

Thanks Kate for allowing us to share your wonderful products with our customers.  We are thrilled to have you involved with our company.

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