Ten Gift Tips To Easy Corporate Christmas Gift Shopping?

Christmas Gifts for Staff and Clients
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Christmas Gifts for Corporates and Businesses

Did you draw the short straw this year to arrange the staff and top client gifts for Christmas? So the boss has run out of time and said, “Ok here’s the budget, get those gifts arranged for the staff and the clients immediately.  I haven’t got time to sort them out as we have work to get done before Christmas and everyone wants everything done before Christmas.”

You’ve never tackled this job before, so where do you begin.  Take the stress out of this job by following this simple list.  Firstly check out if there is a previous list of who received gifts last year, and hopefully how much was spent on each.  If not, you’re at the bottom of the ladder.

Step 1.  Make a list of your top clients or customers that should receive something for Christmas.

Step 2.  Make a list of all the staff including part-timers.

Step 3.  Make a list of all the extra people, for example, the cleaner, tea lady if you have one, after school students, temporary workers.

Step 4.  Define the amount to be spent in each area.

Step 5.  Find a reputable gift company or two in your area, or if you are sending gifts, located in the area that you are sending them to.  Just Google Christmas gift boxes, baskets or hampers and your area, and you will find life so much easier.

Step 6.  Identify a couple of gift choices that will fit within your allocated budget.  Check whether these should include alcohol or not.

Step 7.  Take these and your gift lists to the decision maker within your company or business.

Step 8.  Make contact with the gift companies and check that they will be able to carry out your requirements and delivery by your required date.

Step 9.  Arrange names and addresses for gift delivery, and who is to receive which gift. Don’t forget to include your message for the person or business.

Step 10. Confirm all details with your Gift Company and let them stress about packaging, delivery so that you can then sit back, enjoy a wine and enjoy Christmas!!

Merry Christmas to all the office PA’s and secretaries, whose job it is to arrange Christmas gifts for everyone else.  Do Christmas the easy way, get a Gift Company to help you out.

Check out Apex Gift Boxes  Christmas Gifts for your Staff and Clients and don’t forget to check out the Women’s Gifts and the Men’s Gifts.  These should make life easy for your company.

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