When Would You Send a Baby Gift?

Baby Gifts baskets, boxes and hampers to pamper
Gift Baskets, Boxes and Hampers for New Babies

All new born babies are so gorgeous

Do you remember receiving the call, the email or having your son or daughter visit in person and announce to you their exciting news, that they’re expecting their first baby. What a lot of mixed emotions you were all feeling. The excitement and joy of anticipating the patter of little feet, the concern for the mother and baby’s welfare, would the pregnancy go well, and the birth be straightforward and uncomplicated, worry about only having one income to survive on for a period of time.  This can be the ideal time to send the expectant couple a lovely gift of fresh fruit and perhaps some cookies.

With all these emotions out in the open and discussed, it’s next time to turn your thoughts to all the things that a new baby needs.  There’s the choice of a bassinet or cot, what clothes will be needed, what about the baby’s room, will this be warm enough in the winter, cool enough in summer. Will the room need to be decorated and painted?  How soon should this work be done?  You may like to arrange a Congratulations gift to the new parents. Afterall, their lives are about to change to a new stage forever as they go from being a couple to a family.

You may turn your thoughts to putting on a baby shower for your daughter or daughter-in-law, just to help her to get established.  How soon should you have this?  You don’t want her to be too tired out, so not too late in the pregnancy, but not too early either.  Around the six weeks prior to birth can be a good time for this.  Receiving a nice selection of baby shower gifts can hugely support the new family-to-be with gifts such as blankets, booties, hats, books and toys.

As the time of the pregnancy draws to a close and the birth is just around the corner, this is the time when emotions can once again be tested for both the new expectant couple and their families.  Everyone who has had a child becomes an expert on new babies and child rearing.  Once baby has arrived and everyone has had their hold and introductions to him or her, then it can be lovely to splash out on a gift for the parents.  It will be some time many years down the track before it is just the two of them again.  What a Reality Check this can be.

Now is the time for Grandma and Aunty to play their parts well, without interfering too much.  There’s a fine line between parenting and taking over the parenting.  Tread carefully as emotions will be very high at this time.

If you’re a Grandparent, do share with us how you first heard about your new grandchild and what it meant to you.  What sorts of gifts did you send or take for the new parents or new baby?  How has your role changed with your family member as the Aunty or Uncle in the equation now?  Your ideas and suggestions can be most helpful to others.

This gift service can be excellent for the Grandparents living overseas, who cannot get to celebrate the birth of their new Grandchild.

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